Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wiki quickie

Just completed the week 5 stuff.

Liked the YouTube video explaining how wikis work. The Faulco mums have been trying to organise a night out - 200 emails later and still no one knows where or when we are going. Think we need a wiki.

I liked the Ann Arbor and Rochester wikis - especially the good dining bits! And the mystery picture bit in the Rochester one - can you guess where this picture was taken? What fun!

We could do something like that - but would it/should it be a whole of council project?

Think we could use one for Reader's Advisory. Remember we were making reading lists, Crime Through Time and Legal Thrillers and Gourmet Crime after doing the RA course all that time ago. Well I think we should have somewhere we can use all that hard work. I'm investigating it so watch this space.

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