Monday, September 1, 2008

RSS Feeds

What do you like about RSS and newsreaders?
I like that they do exactly what the YouTube video says they do - they let you know, from one place, which of the blogs and other sites you like to look at have been updated. You save time by not going to each site individually only to find half of them have not been updated since Christmas 1848.

What sites did you select for your RSS reader?
I've had a bloglines account for some time now so I've got a fair few. I have found that some sites I stumble across as a result of reading other blogs. They seem fun/interesting and I add them. Some don't live up to expectations and are deleted againg. It's a fairly fluid list.
One of the blogs I used to subscribe to was I hate Asheville where a librarian was blogging about the customers he/she encountered - it was fun for a little while then went quiet for so long I deleted it - perhaps this was the librarian who lost his/her job because of the blog??

My blog feeds include: Aussie Bloggers * Blue Mountains City Library Local Studies * BooksForKidsBlog * CILGG * Circ and Serve * Citizen Reader * Feel-good Librarian * The Generator Blog * Give 'em What They Want * Guardian Unlimited: Arts blog - books * i love typography, the typography and fonts blog * Jane's E-Learning Pick of the Day * Judge a Book by its Cover * Learn & Play @CML * Librarian Avengers * Libraries Build Communities * LibraryBytes (Helene Blowers) * LibraryStream * Merryjack * Novel ideas : Manly Library * Powerhouse Museum Photo of the Day (as per Week 4 instructions) * Read it or Weep * The Reader's Advisor Online Blog * Readers in the Mist * News - News * Shelf Talk * The Shifted Librarian * Smart Bitches, Trashy Books * So Much to Learn...So Little Time * Springwood Weather * Stephen's Lighthouse * Wild Ephemera * The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks
One of my favourite blogs is People Reading where the blogger roams about and takes pictures of people reading and writes about the book and the reader. What a great way to meet new people.
I thought about adding everyone else's blogs from the BM Library Manager's blog but the internet connection is so slow it's easier to click in and out from the BMLM blog.

How do you think you might be able to use this technology in your work?
I use it to keep up to date with Library 2.0 stuff and other technology stuff. I also have feeds to book review blogs which keeps me up to date there.
I like that, if I read an interesting article/post, I can easily email it to a colleague/friend and share it with them from within bloglines.

How can libraries use RSS or take advantage of this new technology?
Adding RSS feeds to our blogs will enable our 'audiences' to feed our blogs to their desktops.

Did you find any good examples of other library blogs?
I think the Sutherland blog is outstanding. Beautiful to look at; clean, clear and crisp. And, oh, to be able to have multiple pages hanging off the one title page.

Like Snow, I wasn't particularly impressed by the Quick Picks thing.

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