Friday, November 7, 2008


Networks. Hmmmm

The Rotarua Bebo site was awsome - looked really smart and dynamic. And the Coshocton Animanga Club looked cool. I'd like to take a look at the East Renfrew Council Facebook site but I'm all out of time today (only access between 12 and 2pm).

It'd be nice to have something like that for BMCC. However, as always, I fear funding and lack of time will preclude that for this little library. It takes enough time to keep things going in the Readers in the Mist blog, never mind Bebo/Facebook/MySpace - and would we just choose one of those, or would we need to be in several places? The latter I think. And would enough people take a look to make it worth all the effort? How many 'friends' or page views would constitute making it worthwhile.

I just don't get the whole SecondLife thing at all I'm afraid. I have an active enough FirstLife with a family, friends, Rural Fire Service, two bookgroups, 3 schools, children's sport, my sport, reading, having a sex life, childcare, meetings, uploading pictures to Flickr, work, homework, cooking, blogging, cleaning, sleeping, dog-walking, being an insomniac, keeping fit, listening to music, watching the sun rise, navel-gazing, LIVING . . . where would I find the time? Why would I find the time? What do the people do in those SecondLife libraries? Why?

I was hoping there'd be some discussion of Twitter and how it is/can be used by libraries. I have come across several articles/blog posts about it through my RSS feeder over the past few weeks. I know other places use it, Chrystie Hill was very enthusiastic about it, but at the moment it's another "I just don't get it" web 2.o thing. I'll post the articles and share them anyway:

1. Social Groups built around websites

2. Finally I see a reason for Twitter

3. List of Twitter applications

4. Twitwheel

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