Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Here we go . . .

This is the blog I have to do for the Learning 2.0 SLNSW course.

I actually went through the american web 2.0 thing late last year and have been blogging for a while now. It was the blogs part I really took off with and think they are a really good tool for libraries to communicate with their customers/borrowers.

I have a private blog for sharing news with family and friends oversees. It's a lot of fun keeping it updated and I got my sister and her husband and my Mum and my nephew at it too so I have links to their blogs from mine. I was hoping my children would also post but I can only get a few words off them at most.

I also set up a blog for one of my book groups. I tried them on a Yahoo group but most of them found the signing up bit too hard. I figured that with a blog set on view by everyone any of them can see what we are reading next and where to meet up. The more technologically literate can then also contribute posts.

I've had a look at the other blogs on the Learning 2.0 week 2 page. Isn't brown a popular blog template!! I am particularly impressed by the Sutherlandshire blog - those 'child' pages hanging off the main blog page - just what we need to de-clutter. I fell over it last week or so and immediately put in a call to find out how they did it. The wonderfully patient and generous Martin very kindly sent instructions but so far getting tabs eludes me - so far . . . I will persist.

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vicki said...

Thanks for adding this blog to my page - I will love checking in every now and then!