Monday, February 23, 2009

Be Prepared!

Because I know this will affect so many of us in our line of work, I include here a link to the Oscars night speech generator - cut out hours of agonising over the right words and use this to cobble together something succinct yet meaningful.

Here's my speech for tonight - Best Supporting Lilbrarian

"Thank you so much. But really, it's just an honor to be nominated alongside so many other gallus actors. I want to thank my agent, who stuck with me after I was found jinking that Tattie scone. I'd like to also thank my champit family, and jings Barra boy. I better stop now before I say something eejit. Thank you, and hoots mon!! "

1 comment:

nae said...

You should make a video of your Oscars speech, put it on Youtube, and then embed it in your blog - voila!